Baby Steps

When we discover a new passion or want a new chapter, it’s easy to forgot the big picture.

How can we keep the big picture in mind and take consistent action?

  1. Have a bridge.

The internet is full of gurus who claim almost instant overnight success with the latest and greatest course, platform or sales funnel. While all of these things can be useful, it’s important to remember to keep the long game in view- to have a plan of at least a year or two for your transition from your day job to your profitable second act.

2. Have a plan for small steps each day.

Working with someone else like a personal trainer for fitness is the best way to create a solid second act faster than you thought possible. We all work hard, but you want to make sure the hard work you do each day is aligned with the actions for the outcomes you want. If they’re not, you can just be creating another day job for yourself.

3. Have a supportive community around you.

It’s easy to go it alone. But lonely. When you start a business, uncover a passion or start to live in your purpose, those who’ve known the older version of you may offer well-meaning advice but they may not get it. Having a supportive team around you to care, challenge and call out the best in you can help you stay on the path towards your Profitable Second Act.

If you’re interested in taking the journey to build your own Profitable Second Act to walk beside you as you begin the journey.

Crystal Gregory

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