How to Find Clarity

How often do you find your mind feeling fuzzy? You get up, step into the home office and your to do list hits you like a ton of bricks. Before you even open up your email, you’ve lost your train of thought because of a chance encounter with a coworker’s problem and then your supervisor […]

Just Start

Find the right someone to make you accountable, stretch you and make you grow. Finding the right coach, and the right mentor, is crucial. It must be someone who’s done what you want to do, who is kind but also honest, and who can challenge you just enough for you to grow. And I’ve had […]

Who’s On Your Team?

Playing on the soccer team is one lasting childhood memory. Loved playing in different positions to be a part of a team, the thrill of watching a soccer ball play in the November snow and the ability to know you’re working on something with other people. The tasty halftime orange snack aside, somehow we lose […]


My grandma loved to quilt. Her quilts adorn my home and constantly remind me of her love. And yet, at the same time, it’s amazing to think of what she used to tell me in her quilt room. “The fun in the quilt is in the pattern, it’s making something beautiful from the little pieces, […]

Transformation, Not Information

Your clients don’t want information. They want transformation. It may surprise you to hear this, but people don’t want what you have to sell. They don’t want the information you have to offer. They don’t want your knowledge…skills…expertise.So what is it they do want?Transformation. This may sound a bit ethereal, but it’s true. People can […]

Growth is Hard

It’s easy to start a new project. It’s easy to live in confidence some of the time. It’s even easy to step out and put ourselves out there for a new team, project or big dream of ours. But to do it day in and day out, when we face the inevitable criticism, when we […]

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