That One Project

How do you break something down? You know. That big, big project that sits at the bottom of your to-do list in your organiser. The one you put off for months at a time? You know the one. (As I type this I have one I need to do). The one that you see it […]

Second and Third Acts

It’s Monday again, the start of another wonderful week. Or, is it? For some, and I’ve been there too, Monday is the day when you kind of hope to linger in bed. When you wish your alarm wouldn’t go of just like you had told yourself the night before. And yet, when we’ve played this […]


My grandma loved to quilt. Her quilts adorn my home and constantly remind me of her love. And yet, at the same time, it’s amazing to think of what she used to tell me in her quilt room. “The fun in the quilt is in the pattern, it’s making something beautiful from the little pieces, […]

Growth is Hard

It’s easy to start a new project. It’s easy to live in confidence some of the time. It’s even easy to step out and put ourselves out there for a new team, project or big dream of ours. But to do it day in and day out, when we face the inevitable criticism, when we […]

Coffee Consulting

How much do you love coffee? I mean, really, honestly love it? I am a bit addicted. I have to admit. I first met coffee when I was in Brazil in the 1990s. Coffee tasted so good. Our romance was solidified over nights in the university library and working late nights as a teacher in […]

Baby Steps

When we discover a new passion or want a new chapter, it’s easy to forgot the big picture. How can we keep the big picture in mind and take consistent action? Have a bridge. The internet is full of gurus who claim almost instant overnight success with the latest and greatest course, platform or sales […]

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