What’s your wonder?

When we’re kids we’ve all got them. Step into any kindergarten classroom and you’ll feel the dreams. The air is thick with them. Somewhere, between five and thirty-five, we’re trained to lose our dreams. Our innate desire to change the world shifts into the mundane work of our everyday life. Everyday life is nice, but […]

Feeding Your Joy

How to Feed Your Passion and Find Fulfillment in Your Work Well-being…success…good fortune…These all mean different things to different people. And that’s okay! God has wired each of us uniquely, and we all have different wants and desires. When people talk about being passionate about what they do, they are experiencing joy in their work. Take […]

Mind the Gap

As a North American in the United Kingdom, one of the biggest adjustments to make is to the idea of how to do the whole parenthood thing in a different culture. We speak English over here, but it’s a different code. I’ve mastered the obvious boot, petrol and trousers, but sometimes an unexpected language gap […]


Ever feel stuck? Like you’re doing life but really, have reached as far as you feel like you can grow, but your heart yearns to do more? It’s meaningless to design an online business, lead a team or pursue any effective change without taking into account our why. Here are a few tools find it […]

What is your greater why?

Many people talk about being passionate about what they do and their “why” behind their business. Their why may be their loved ones, financial freedom, a desire to travel, flexibility, or recreation. Passion often comes from the why. Often, people’s personal why is tied to an ever greater why. Their why doesn’t stop with them; […]

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