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How much do you love coffee? I mean, really, honestly love it?

I am a bit addicted. I have to admit. I first met coffee when I was in Brazil in the 1990s. Coffee tasted so good. Our romance was solidified over nights in the university library and working late nights as a teacher in my 20s.

Living in the UK as a coffee-lover, I can sound a bit snobbish at times when I don’t instantly like instant coffee. I prefer the real stuff, and the longer I live here, the more I see it as this island embraces the North American coffee culture a decade later.

But, something along the way is lost as I see small, independent shops shut due to covid or a bigger chain moving in. Too much of a good thing makes something loose its authenticity and its uniqueness.

So it is with our expert consulting and coaching.

How do you standout as an expert?

  1. What makes you unique?

‘Coaches’ and ‘consultants’ are a dime a dozen today. What makes you unique? What are your skills, expertise and the unique value you bring to clients that people can’t get anywhere else?

As a personal brand, what makes you stand out from the other professionals in your field?

Knowing this will give you the confidence as you talk to people, deliver excellent value and make a difference in the world.

2. How do you help people?

Building a business is all about helping other people solve a problem. It’s not about doing everything for everyone, but being very specific and focused to help some people do one thing. And then, that one thing may lead to another thing, but start with a small problem.

How do you use your skills, experience and expertise to help people? What outcomes or value do you bring?

3. Who’s it for?

My book of the year is Seth Godin’s This is Marketing. He talks about the idea that all marketing, and all business in fact comes down to three words, Who’s it for? Who are the people we are trying to help? When we are abundantly clear on this, everything else flows.

You want to stand out instead of blend in like all the other coffee shops on the high street.

So if you’re looking for clarity about how to build your successful second act, I’d love to have a chat about how you can move forward to develop your successful second act.

Crystal Gregory

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