What is your greater why?

Many people talk about being passionate about what they do and their “why” behind their business. Their why may be their loved ones, financial freedom, a desire to travel, flexibility, or recreation. Passion often comes from the why.

Often, people’s personal why is tied to an ever greater why. Their why doesn’t stop with them; their why is ultimately about doing good—making good in the world. They want to be a blessing to others, and they feel blessed to be a blessing. When a person’s why is bigger than themselves, passion ignites.

Have you ever had someone open the door for you but you’ve gestured for them to go ahead of you? Maybe you felt they deserved to go first, or maybe you didn’t want to inconvenience them. When we do this, while we may think we’re being courteous, we are actually robbing the other person of the opportunity to be a blessing to us. People feel good when they do good, especially when it’s not expected of them.

That was the case when Edwin first hired a coach. He felt flat- as if he had reached his potential in his day job, and, despite working for more than two years on his passionate second act side gig, he hadn’t gotten anywhere.

Why? He lacked his greater why. His dream to fly, a real plane, as a pilot. And his desire to help young people, often passed over by the system, to reach their fullest potential. Once these two were unleashed, Edwin’s business started to take off.

Whether what we do is perceived as big or small, our work creates ripple effects that can extend to so many lives and for years to come. It truly is a blessing to be able to be a blessing to others. It is a privilege to have that impact on someone.

When you do good work, you bring beauty to the world. What good are you doing to make good in the world? What is your greater why?

If you’re interested in looking for your greater why in your business or the greater legacy you want to have, let’s connect for an intentional conversation to help you uncover it and unleash your greatest potential.

Crystal Gregory

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What is your greater why?
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