Just Start

  1. Find the right someone to make you accountable, stretch you and make you grow.

Finding the right coach, and the right mentor, is crucial. It must be someone who’s done what you want to do, who is kind but also honest, and who can challenge you just enough for you to grow. And I’ve had to do it each week since then. That pushes you farther than you ever thought possible.

2. Take small, manageable consistent action each day.

My business changed when I stopped making long to do lists, using fancy calendar software or buying the latest and coolest planner. All I do now?

Snake bites and small goals. I do snake bites of action (on my phone often and sometimes in the loo) when I get a chance between a playgroup, the dishes or working with a client. It’s those snake bites that enable me to engage in social media, send a quick email or do my consistent daily things I do to make stuff happen.

I set my five consistent actions for the week that align with my goals, write them on a white board, and do them. By Saturday? If it’s not done, I stay up until it is done. End of story. No excuses. And small action steps are taken each day toward the big goal.

My way may not work for you, but find a simple way, and stick with it.

3. Show up. Like it’s your job every day for at least two years.

When I had my first job, I wanted to quit after a week. My dad, being my dad, gave me the best advice ever. Show up at something for two years before you quit. You made the choice, try to stay and learn from it- you’ll be surprised at what happens.

The same goes for building your profitable second act. You’ve gotta stick with it, give it a go for two years consistently, and see what magic happens.

If you’re looking to grow your Profitable Second Act, I’d love to chat.

Crystal Gregory

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