Lockdown Business Innovations

Lockdowns around the world have challenged us to think, act, and be different. In March, pubs, restaurants and other venues shut across the U.K. as we ‘stayed at home to stay safe.’

Now, as we enter into another round of unusual lockdowns and virus restrictions, businesses face more unique challenges. Going virtual has helped a lot, but the capacity to see a need, a market gap, fill it and delight your customers along the way has never been more vital to business success.

With pubs shut, the traditional British pub faced a choice- either stay stagnate and cling to the old way of doing things (in person business) or trying something different to survive, and maybe even thrive, in unusual circumstances. A local pub decided to do that, and started offering fruit and vegetable box deliveries each week, using local organic suppliers and connections. The service helped prevent food waste, served the community, and kept income flowing in at the same time.

As serviced-based business owners in challenging times, we have to pause and consider the unique times we are in, how we can adapt our service to match the market need, and, maybe, just step up into thriving into a whole new way. How has 2020 changed how you serve people?

Crystal Gregory

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Lockdown Business Innovations
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