Transformation, Not Information

Your clients don’t want information. They want transformation.

It may surprise you to hear this, but people don’t want what you have to sell. They don’t want the information you have to offer. They don’t want your knowledge…skills…expertise.So what is it they do want?Transformation.

This may sound a bit ethereal, but it’s true. People can do a Google search any day and find just about all the information you have to offer. But you’re not just providing information; you’re providing transformation. You are walking them through their journey. You have already done the Googling and condensed the best of it. Next is using the transformational pieces to guide your people through their own transformation.

When I worked with Tina, an accountant who has done business accounts for thirty years, she felt stuck. She’d been ‘telling’ her clients the same information year in and year out about their tax business. It wasn’t until she started to take on more of a coach role, helping the clients to reach their own goals, that her business blossomed. 

The difference?

And transformation instead of information. In TIna’s case, anyone could have gotten an accountant. But no one could have gotten Tina’s blend of folk wisdom and business sense to help a small business bloom to the next level. 

If you’re looking to grow your business, let’s connect about how you can offer your clients a transformational product

Crystal Gregory

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Transformation, Not Information
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