What’s the difference between an Employee Mindset and Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Many service-based business owners start working themselves and are so excited to get that first client. One client quickly turns into two and two turns into a full load of clients and their schedule quickly fills up. 

Yes, you are happy because you are your own boss. In theory, your time is your own. You are able to bring home the income and keep it at the end of the day. You don’t have a manager and enjoy the freedom that comes from being able to make your own decisions, schedule your time and manage it all. 

And yet, over time, a few years in, something still isn’t right. 

You’re busier than ever, and juggling too many hats. And suddenly, the idea of a day job with a big company sounds better than- well, the to do list many of my clients first bring like chasing invoices, keeping track of accounts, working on social media marketing campaigns, updating websites, fitting clients in…and oh yea, spending time with their family.

So, often, this springs from having the wrong mindset. Becoming overwhelmed in your own business arises from running it the same way as before, as an employee, instead of thinking as an owner. Putting out daily fires instead of looking at the bigger picture and vision. 

If you feel trapped in the employee mindset and feel overwhelmed with your daily operations and unable to grow beyond where you are, let’s connect to develop a strategic plan to get your business to the next level. 

Crystal Gregory

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What’s the difference between an Employee Mindset and Entrepreneurial Mindset?
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