What’s your wonder?

When we’re kids we’ve all got them. Step into any kindergarten classroom and you’ll feel the dreams. The air is thick with them.

Somewhere, between five and thirty-five, we’re trained to lose our dreams. Our innate desire to change the world shifts into the mundane work of our everyday life. Everyday life is nice, but sometimes, it looses the lustre we dreamed of before.

How do we recapture wonder and our dreams?

  1. Slow down. And look up.

Sometimes the act of slowing down, turning off the screen and stepping outside or looking up at the sky reminds us of something greater than ourselves. For some people, it’s getting outside and pausing for a moment. For others, it’s a glance out the window.

For some, it’s listening to a brilliant piece of classical music. Whatever it is that gets you to stop, slow down and connect with something greater than yourself, doing so will help you to pause and to begin to connect with your long-lost dream.

2. Create

My daughter loves to play and to get messy. Finger painting is a current favorite as is building things- anything- out of blocks or old pieces of recycling. Often we don’t know what we are going to create when we start.

But it’s play. And play is meant to be just that- something magical that happens along the way of creating something new.

And so it is with us when we step out into our own new or old dreams. We may not know the end destination, but we can embrace the play and the mess that comes with creating something new.

3. Sit with a notebook.

One mentor who runs her own busy company while homeschooling her own kids and managing a busy household ends each day with what she calls her ‘nightly notebook.’ In this space, for at least five minutes, she sits to create, to reflect, draw or write whatever comes to mind from the day. It’s in this notebook that years later she’s discovered her powerful dreams and themes to her life.

For me, it’s the act of starting each day that way. Of sitting with my open journal to see what bubbles up. I try to take the first half an hour or hour of a day to give my soul the space to awaken, apart from other distractions, so that I can learn to listen to what’s matters most.

How will you recapture your dreams? The world needs it today, now more than ever.

If you’re interested in taking the next step towards uncovering your purpose and creating a profitable business around your passion and dreams, I’d love to chat.

Crystal Gregory

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What’s your wonder?
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